Key Milestones

2009 to present – 45 BTRW have been released to the wild into colonies in the Warrambungles, Jenolan Caves and Kangaroo Valley areas and 20 BTRW into partner organisations to support the BTRW breeding program

2009 – Waterfall Springs becomes lead captive facility in NSW for BTRW conservation. New animal enclosures constructed to support rapid expansion.

2009 – Biggest national BTRW translocation effort takes place with release of 25 captive bred wallabies from Waterfall Springs into the Warrumbungles National park.

2009 – First trial release of 2 central BTRW into NSW Shoalhaven region.

2008 – First trial reintroduction of 10 southern BTRW into the Grampians National Park.

2008 – Successful cross foster of Southern ESU joey to surrogate Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby at Adelaide Zoo.

2008 – Successful transfer of Southern ESU joey to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

2008 – New facilities including the WS Conservation Centre built to support expanding breeding program.

2007 – Participation in the NSW DECC BTRW translocation mission.

2007 – First births of ‘southern” BTRW joeys.

2007 – Successful breeding of ‘central’ BTRW increases captive population. Females now producing second offspring.

2007 – Waterfall Springs provides first Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby breeding stock to partner organisations to support parallel BTRW breeding programs.

2006 – Wild Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby ‘central form’ recruited. Breeding commences.

2005 – Waterfall Springs awarded Wildlife Preservation Society Award.

2004 – Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby ‘central form’ from Jenolan Caves population arrive.

2003 – Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies arrive from SA Department of Environment and Conservation.

2003 – Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby ‘southern form’ captive breeding program commences.

2003 – Waterfall Springs plans, implements and funds the rescue and repatriation of 33 Rock wallabies from Kawau Island NZ.

2003 – Australian Quarantine Inspection Service approve Waterfall Springs as a quarantine facility.

2002 – Waterfall Springs Conservation Association is Incorporated (WSCA Inc)

2001 – First Rock-wallaby facility completed.

1998 – Department of Primary Industry licence to hold and breed macropods obtained.

1993 – National Parks and Wildlife Service licence to rescue and rehabilitate macropods obtained.

1990 – Lloyd Oldfield acquires Waterfall Springs and dedicates the property to conservation purposes. Fencing commences.